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Earth Friendly Hemp: A Versatile Jewelry Making Alternative for Modern Crafters

Posted by Enchanting Beads on September 14, 2012 at 9:10 am

Hemp has a lot to offer your jewelry making projects. This unique twine is often utilized in braiding and macramé bead work. It can be paired with any kind of findings or bead types, but is most frequently used with glass, wood, stone and bone beads. Hemp cord is relatively inexpensive and gets softer over time. The more you wear your handmade hemp jewelry, the more you will come to love this timeless and flexible crafting material!

A Safe Choice for Eco-Minded Jewelry Makers


Hemp Cord at Enchanting BeadsFans of the green movement usually choose hemp over other cord options because it is created with natural materials that are easily renewable. Production of hemp twine generally requires fewer chemicals, however the exact quantity may vary from one manufacturer to another. True hemp includes no synthetic fibers, making the cord biodegradable. Hemp jewelry has been a popular accessory in cultures all over the world.


Cord Wrapped in Traditional and Modern Style
Hemp Mixture at Enchanting Beads

Hemp jewelry usually brings to mind a more traditional appearance with earthy brown towns and textures. While this is a popular characteristic of hemp, it is not the only way the material can be used in jewelry making. Modern varieties come in a rainbow of colors, ranging from red, blue and purple to yellow, green and black. Each cord is dyed to produce a bold, vibrant hue so you can work with hemp without feeling restricted to a natural palette.

Unique colors also expand your bead and finding options. Wood, bone and shell beads might be more appealing to someone who prefers traditional hemp jewelry however you can add metal and plastic beads when working with colored hemp cord. There are limitless possibilities thanks to the variety of hemp materials available to modern jewelry makers.



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