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Top 4 Beading Tools

Posted by Enchanting Beads on December 20, 2012 at 9:02 am

There are many beading tools on the market, and most of them can help you create beautiful pieces. However, there are a few certain tools that are extremely useful. When you pull out these materials, you will find that beading is more enjoyable and easier than ever.

Bead Mat

Sticky Bead MatA bead mat is great for beading on the go. You can sit in the living room or in your favorite chair and keep your beads on your lap. The bead mat is small and light-weight, which means that you can carry it anywhere. Your beads won’t roll around as you work, so you’ll be able to stay comfortable and relaxed while you do your favorite hobby.

Magical Crimp Tool

Magical Crimping Tool
This tool came around a few years ago, and it is very handy to have. While crimp covers are sometimes fun to include in the design, you don’t always want to have them. That’s where the Magical Crimp Tool comes into the picture. It will convert your crimping bead into a round bead that looks like it naturally belongs in your design. You still have the option to use crimp covers if you want to, but it is no longer required.

Ring Mandrel

Ring Mandrel
Rings are so much fun to make, and a ring mandrel will allow you to make them quickly and easily. When you use one of these, it will be possible for you to make hundreds of rings each month to sell at shows or to give as gifts. The ring mandrel will allow you to shape rings perfectly, and you’ll even be able to increase them half a size if necessary.

Bead Oracle Reference Card

Bead Oracle Reference Card
While it is not technically a tool, the Bead Oracle is definitely something that you need to keep on hand. Even if you work with wire and beads all day, every day, you will still find the card to be useful. It has all of the information about wire gauges on one side, such as their diameters in millimeters and inches. The other side of the card has standard bead sizes that will help you to figure out the size of your beads and how many you will need for your project. There are also handy rulers on the edges. You’ll quickly find that the Bead Oracle Reference Card is something that you want at your side because it will help you to work efficiently.

Every jewelry maker has a favorite tool that she can’t live without, and these are just a few. What are your must-have tools for beading?




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