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Pro Econoflex

Pro Econoflex Wire by Soft Flex Company is a less expensive beading wire option. Underneath the smooth nylon finish are 7 bundles of 7 strands for a total of 49 strands of stainless steel. This sturdy beading wire is not as flexible or kink resistant as the more expensive Soft Flex wires. Pro Econflex Wire is ideal for the budget conscious hobbyist, beginning jewelry maker or just when you need a slightly stiffer wire. Pro Econflex Wire is an affordable option to still make beautiful jewelry and to experiment freely.

The wire, spools, and clips are 100% recyclable. Empty the spool and remove the label before placing in your recycling bin.

Pro Econoflex By Soft Flex Co. .019in Steel Gray
Code: 43591-15
Price: $7.69
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15 foot spool. Color: Steel Gray. Diameter: 0.019 inch. 26lb test. Use 2mm x 2mm crimps. Click photo for more details.

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