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Temper and harden wire, texture and shape sheet metal, stamp and rivet blanks do all this and more with a high-quality jewelry designer's hammer. These useful specialized jewelry hammers open up a world of easy but impressive effects in metalwork and cold connection. With a good hammer, you can customize, distress, and join jewelry components in a traditional and effective manner.

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Jeweler's Riveting Hammer
Code: 55117
Price: $8.50
Quantity in Basket: none
Set rivets with the flat side and texture with the chisel end. 14.7mm(0.6inches) diameter head. Head weight: 84grams. Hammer weight 6.2oz (173g). Length 9.75 inches.
Vintaj 4oz Jeweler's Ball Pein Hammer
Code: 55131
Price: $4.75
Quantity in Basket: none
Use for flattening, riveting, distressing, texturing, imprinting and more. 2.5 inch head. 0.75 inch diameter face. Weight: 4oz. Length: 9.5 inches.

Vintaj 8oz Jeweler's Ball Pein Hammer
Code: 55132
Price: $7.60
Quantity in Basket: none
Use for flattening, riveting, distressing, texturing, imprinting and more. 3.25 inch head. 1 inch diameter face. Weight: 8oz. Length: 11.5 inches.
Chasing Hammer
Code: 55206
Price: $9.50
Quantity in Basket: none
Flare wire for a decorative look, easily, with the smooth wide end. With the pein end create decorative hammered look, flare rivets or round designs. Slightly domed face. Size: Head 58mm, Face diameter 28mm. Head weight 2.85oz. Hammer weight: about 5.7oz. 11 inches long.

Swiss Style Hammer
Code: 55209
Price: $5.00
Quantity in Basket: none
This small, light weight hammer is ideal for delicate shaping, riveting, and light precision work. One side is chisel shaped, the other is flat. Head length: 58mm (2.28 inches). Flat face diameter 8mm. Hammer weight 37.5grams (1.3oz.). Hammer length 8 inches. Made in India.
Planishing Hammer
Code: 55211
Price: $9.95
Quantity in Basket: none
Planishing hammers are used for hardening metal, smoothing surfaces, embossing, raising, forming and more. One face is flat, the other slightly domed. Face diameter is 24mm. Head weight: 190 grams (6.3oz). Hammer weight: 9.4oz. Length: 11 inches. Made in Pakistan.

Interchangable Hammer with 12 Faces
Code: 55212
Price: $47.90
Quantity in Basket: none
Hammer comes with 12 head inserts. 6 smooth heads: - Flat nylon, Domed nylon, Flat stainless steel, Domed stainless steel, Flat brass, Domed brass. 6 textured heads: Stripes, Weave, Thin Circles, Wide Circles, Speckles, Dots. Face diameters approximate 7/8inch. Weight: 12oz. 10 inches long. Hammer weight about 1.2lbs. Beadsmith brand. Made in Pakistan.

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