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Bob-EEZ No-Tangle Thread Bobbins Medium


Bob-EEZ No-Tangle Thread Bobbins Medium

Size: about2.5 inches. 8 bobbins per package. Use these pliable bobbins to keep threads and cords under control, while braiding or doing macrame. Simply bend the domed top back, wrap your cord around the center core, then bend the top back down. leaving an end of the cord exposed for use. Beadsmith brand. Cord and disk not included in purchase. Click photo for more info.
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Bob-Eez No-Tangle Thread Bobbins are wonderful for controlling your threads and cords while braiding. Leave just a few inches out of the bobbin to work with and the bobbins keep the rest of the cord out of your way and from tangling.

If you are learning Kumihimo braiding, you will want 8 bobbins to start basic round braids. Most traditional Kumihimo round braids are designed in multiples of 8 strands, so 8, 16, 24 etc. Some easy square or flat braids use 12 strands. Essentially 8 bobbins is a good place to start, get 16, if you like challenges early on in the learning process.

I've been using these while learning Kumihimo braiding myself. I find them so much easier to work with than just butterflying* my cords. I've used them on dozens of projects and they are holding up very well. For most cords, you don't have to reopen the bobbin to feed out more cord, simply hold the working end of your cord and slide the bobbin away. The cord feeds out easily.

To choose your size, consider your plans. If you plan to use thin threads or cording, choose the small size. If you want to use medium size cords of moderate lengths (several yards), the small will usually be fine but consider the medium for more versatility. If you plan to use lots of beads or very long lengths, choose the medium or large. If you want to use larger cords or large beads, choose the large.

When using beads, you can leave the beads outside the bobbin and just keep the cord wound on the bobbin, continuing to feed out more cord as needed. My experience is if using thin threads, like silk with beads, they start to tangle as I progress in my project. I prefer to wrap at least part of them wrapped on the bobbin. I open the bobbin and feed more out, as needed.

*Butterflying is the process of wrapping the cord around your thumb and pinky in a figure-8 motion, then tying the working end around the center so it won't unwrap.

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