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Stabilizing large hole beads

Sometimes a bead has a large hole and you want to use thinner stringing material. A simple trick to keep your beads centered is to fill the hole with a smaller bead, like a seed bead, a tube bead (like a crimp) etc. Simply add a bead, in the proper size, to your wire then slide the large hole bead over top of it then continue like usual. Another way is to use small round beads or bicones that will slightly enter the edge of the large hole bead, do this one both sides of the bead and smaller beads will keep the larger bead centered presuming you string snug so the beads can't all just slide around. 3-4mm round and 4mm bicones work well with lampwork beads of 3/32" holes (my standard bead hole for my beads). For 1/8 holes, 4-5mm round or 5-6mm bicones work well.

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