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Kumihimo Square Braiding Plate


Kumihimo Square Braiding Plate

The plate comes with English braiding instructions. Disk is made of 3/8 inch dense foam. Disk is 6 inches square. Beadsmith brand. Click photo for more info. Quantity Discounts
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The Beadsmith Kumihimo Japanese braiding disk is made of 3/8 inch dense foam. The sturdy disk has 40 slots. It holds threads/cords firmly.

Kumihimo braiding is not difficult to learn. The disk is great for beginner braiders and experienced braiders will love the portability. The disk comes with illustrated instructions for 8 warp* round and flat braid structures and a 10 warp flat braid. The instructions also include instructions for 3 projects and finishing instructions.

To get started you will also need some cord. Bobbins are useful for preventing tangling of threads and cords but are not required. By choosing different diameter cords, you can vary the thickness or width of your final braid. As a rough estimate for an 8 warp braid, plan on 2-3 times the length of your final braid for each warp. For example, if you want an 18 inch finished braid, cut each cord to 54 inches (18x3=54). The thinner your thread or cord, the less starting length you need, the thicker ...the longer. For example, thin thread may only need 1.5 times the length, 4mm cord may need more than 3 times. How tight you make your braid, can also affect your finished length.

You can use different thread for every warp but I recommend starting with all the same diameter cord on your first couple braids. For your first braid I recommend using limited colors in 1mm or 2mm, so it is easier to spot your braiding errors and correct them. Satin cords make good starting cords. If you prefer, 20lb hemp is also easy to start with.

*Warp is the cords you will be braiding.

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