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To view your Wish List: Enter the first intial from your first and last name plus your 9 digit phone number. For example, Dot Smith phone number 555-555-5555 would be DS5555555555. The letters are case-sensitive, "DS" is not the same as "ds". Click "View Wish List".


How to add items to your Wish List:

Just go shopping! Roam around on the website adding items you want to your basket, by clicking "Add to Basket". When you are finished click "Basket Contents" on the top menu of any page. Enter your initials and phone number and click "save to wish list". To view the wish list, simply visit enchantingbeads.com and click Wish List on the top menu and you will be brought to this page. Remember, others can still buy the items so they can still sell out.

About the Wish List:

Enchanting Beads won't be calling you! Your phone number is used as it is unlikely anyone else will have the exact same number and intials.
The Wish List has been added as convenience for Enchanting Beads customers. Your Wish List should last 60 days but is not guaranteed. It is highly recommended not to make up phone numbers as Enchanting Beads can not look up your wish list for you, should you forget the number you used.

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